The architecture firm ABIBOO unveiled its vision for what could become the first city on Mars, Nüwa City. With the capacity to house 250,000 people, the city would start construction in 2054 and be ready for the first settlers by 2100. ABIBOO strategically picked the side of a giant cliff as the city’s location, where residents would easily get access to sunlight while being protected from deadly cosmic radiation. While the side of the Martian cliff would be used for the settlers’ homes, other areas with direct access to sunlight would be used for livestock, agriculture, and of course, energy production.

Zoom Out: Whether Nüwa City will ever come to be realized is anyone’s guess. Still, it is definitely an exciting and challenging idea that the architecture firm has put a lot of effort into. The ultimate goal would be to create a self-sustaining civilization on Mars without the need for supplies or shipments from Earth.

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