Our favorite browser to download Chrome on, Internet Explorer, retired this Wednesday after Microsoft officially called it quits, ending IE’s nearly 27-year run.

  • Internet Explorer is currently inoperable in specific versions of Windows 11 and supported versions of Windows 10 and has been replaced by Microsoft Edge.
  • According to Microsoft, the Chromium-powered Edge browser is much faster and more secure than Internet Explorer. It also has a built-in Internet Explorer mode to address concerns about compatibility for older legacy websites and applications.

End of an Era: Internet Explorer first launched as a paid add-on package for Windows 95 before becoming a free app. Its usage peaked in 2003 (ah, the good old days), amassing a 95% market share. However, its popularity declined over time when rivals like Firefox and Chrome entered the scene.

Press F to Pay Respects: As you might have guessed, the Internet is saying farewell through some incredible memes. Here are some of our favorites:

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