Telerobotics company Endiatx has developed a prototype of a tiny robotic drone dubbed PillBot that can travel inside the body after being swallowed to help diagnose diseases like stomach ulcers, gastritis, and cancers in VR. The company has already tested the new tech with live humans and cadavers during its first test trial.

  • Trial volunteers and patients swallow Pillbot, which is then remotely piloted inside the stomach, allowing doctors to perform a diagnosis.
  • Talk about believing in your product! Endiatx CEO Torrey Smith was the first person who tried the robotic drone, allowing doctors to collect data from his stomach.

Underneath the Hood: PillBot is a small remote-controlled submarine that resembles a multivitamin pill in size and appearance.

  • After the patient swallows it, doctors can control the miniature drone using an Xbox gaming controller.
  • The drone collects real-time data and transmits it to the doctor's computer or smartphone.
  • Pillbot’s development costs stand at $25 per unit and will be sold for hundreds of dollars each, significantly reducing the cost of endoscopic procedures.

The Road Ahead: Doctors at the Mayo Clinic are currently collecting more data with PillBot to get approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). If and after it is approved, PillBot will hit the market by 2024.

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