A US-based company, Bluebook Cities, is inviting people to be the residents of a futuristic semi-autonomous city that is expected to be built overseas. The company is looking for 2,000 people to settle in its charter city and is seeking backers and possible residents through their online community, Praxis. The city would likely be built in the Mediterranean Sea, where it can avoid government regulation.

Bluebook Cities was founded by Dryden Brown of New York University and Charlie Callinan of Boston College in 2019. The duo describes the company as a “full-stack city builder” that “partners with communities to develop beautiful, energetic and resident-owned cities”, saying that it’s “building the city that Silicon Valley deserves.”

The company is backed by Pronomos, a venture capital fund that seeks to build the next charter city, where a potential nation would allow a semi-autonomous municipality to host its own governance system. PayPal founder Peter Thiel and Bitcoin investor Roger Ver invested $9 million in Pronomos back in 2019.

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