The Chinese government locked 34,000 visitors inside Shanghai Disneyland on Sunday after a single guest tested positive for COVID-19 after returning home. In a surprising twist of events where the longest line at Disneyland was not for a ride, the visitors lined up to undergo COVID testing by people in hazmat suits before being forced to leave as Disney’s fireworks display continued around them. All other visitors tested negative but were told to isolate themselves for a day before taking another test. The theme park was ordered to stay closed until today, November 3rd.

Zoom Out: China is pursuing a zero-COVID policy, shutting down society entirely if any sign of a COVID-19 outbreak appears. Last week, two high-speed trains heading to Beijing were stopped midway when it was found out that two crew members had been in close contact with infected people. On Saturday, a county in Jiangxi province turned all of its traffic lights to red to discourage people from driving after a single positive case was found.

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