Coca-Cola will soon make its pixel-flavored soda, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, available for sale in the real world after first releasing it digitally. The new soda first debuted on Fortnite, giving players a “virtual taste” of the upcoming flavor, and soon customers will be able to purchase the drink in real life for a limited time through the brand’s Coca-Cola Creations portal. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte will be sold in 12-ounce cans in packs of two, one to drink and one to collect. Sales are expected to begin on May 2nd.

Shut up and take my virtual money: If you can’t wait for May 2nd, you can “try” out Coke Zero Sugar Byte today on Fortnite. The virtual version is available at an “individually created Fortnite Creative experience” called Pixel Point, developed in collaboration with lifestyle and gaming organization PWR. To try it out, just enter this Fortnite Creative Code: 8565-0287-3178.

Zoom In: Coca-Cola Zero-Sugar Byte marks the beginning of the company’s new marketing strategy for gamers. The announcement comes right after Coca-Cola announced another new flavor called Starlight, available in limited quantities right now and tastes like space candy.

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