A recent business filing has revealed that Elon Musk has founded an AI startup called X.AI Corp.

  • The filing indicates that X.AI Corp., incorporated in Nevada on March 9, lists Musk as the director, while Jared Birchall, the director of Musk's family office, serves as the company's secretary.
  • Recent reports suggest that Musk is gathering a team of AI experts from Alphabet and other top tech firms to launch an AI startup that could potentially rival OpenAI, a research organization he co-founded years ago.
  • Musk is also rumored to be in discussions with SpaceX and Tesla investors to secure funding for this new AI venture.

Zoom In: Musk also recently acquired thousands of Nvidia GPUs, which are crucial for developing large language models. The entrepreneur confirmed to the BBC that he was purchasing the processors for his companies, stating, "It seems like everyone and their dog is buying GPUs at this point. Twitter and Tesla are certainly buying GPUs."

Zoom Out: Musk also recently merged Twitter with X Corp., a shell firm, legally removing Twitter, Inc from existence.

  • Musk seemingly confirmed the change with a simple tweet of the letter X.
  • While details about the rebranding and its implications remain scarce, Musk announced last October that his acquisition of Twitter could fast-track his plans for X, dubbed as "the everything app."
  • He previously hinted at the launch of a social media platform called X.com.

Also, here is Sam Altman's reaction below.

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