Heinz is using OpenAI’s AI-powered text-to-image generator DALL-E 2 to create its new marketing campaign. The company’s marketing team gave DALL-E 2 a series of generic ketchup-related prompts to see what images it would come up with.

  • The outcomes ranged widely, from a Tron-like neon-shaded bottle to an adorable container in the shape of a dog, but they all shared the distinctive fringe, shape, and typography of a Heinz label.
  • The results aren’t too surprising, however. DALL-E 2 is trained on hundreds of millions of images that people have posted to the web, so it’s bound to reflect the public’s conception of a ketchup bottle.

DALL-E 101: OpenAI first introduced its AI-powered text-to-image generator DALL-E, which can generate photorealistic images based on simple written descriptions, in January 2021.

  • In April this year, the second version of DALL-E arrived as well. The company pointed out that the second version is much faster and produces higher resolution images than its predecessor.
  • OpenAI has recently announced that it would expand DALL-E 2 to a million people on OpenAI’s waitlist as a beta version.
  • The system gained massive popularity mainly due to the pictures shared on social media by the people who found the opportunity to try it, which paved the way for rivals like Google Imagen and Meta Make-A-Scene to emerge.  
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