Joe Russo, the director of some of your favorite Marvel movies, shared his thoughts on the impact of AI on the film industry in a panel interview with Collider. Russo anticipates that AI will be capable of creating complete movies within just two years, leading to innovative storytelling and customizable movie experiences.

  • Russo explains that users could request a specific movie starring their photoreal avatar alongside famous actors, like Marilyn Monroe, and have AI generate a competent story and dialogue in the desired genre.
  • He also believes modern TVs are close to having enough processing power to render any story in real-time, allowing users to curate their own personalized experiences.
"We're in a world where the entire generation has a facile expertise in [AI], and is also not afraid of it. So potentially, what you could do with it is obviously use it to engineer storytelling and change storytelling. So you have a constantly evolving story, either in a game or in a movie, or a TV show."

Pro: While Hollywood continues to debate the future of AI, Russo, who serves on the board of a few AI companies, is excited about the potential democratization of storytelling.

  • He sees value in AI empowering creators and enabling anyone to tell a story or create a game at scale using photoreal engines and AI tools.

Con: Despite the potential benefits, Russo acknowledges the need for AI that can protect users from potential AI threats, as adversaries may develop the technology for malicious purposes.

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