OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 is now entering beta and will invite a million people on its waitlist over the next few weeks to try AI-generated art. The beta launch includes a new paid model and full usage rights to commercialize generated images through selling, reprinting, or merchandising them.

  • The company announced plans to explore potential copyright and trademark issues stemming from commercializing AI-generated works. Since DALL-E 2 was trained on 650 million public image-text pairs, it sometimes creates images including trademarked characters or logos pulled from the internet.
  • OpenAI will look into “different approaches” to deal with copyright issues, which will include additional filtering of specific contents, direct communication with copyright holders, and allowing "fair use" or similar legal concepts that would enable the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works under certain circumstances.
  • "Non-Computable You" author Robert J. Marks argued on Mind Matters News that AI-generated images “should be no more copyrightable than Google search engine results.”

The New Paid Model: DALL-E 2, which was previously free to use, will switch to a credit-based fee structure with the “beta” launch.

  • First-time users will get a limited number of credits, which they can spend to produce, edit, or modify images. (Generations yield four photos, compared to edits and variants' three.)
  • Users can purchase more credits in $15 increments, or credits will reload every month at a rate of 50 in the first month and 15 after that.
OpenAI's new pricing chart for DALL-E 2
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