Snap’s 4th generation Spectacles are its most ambitious yet. The company’s first glasses to have AR features built-in, the new Spectacles can connect directly to the company’s AR Lenses and Lens Studio platform. But there’s a catch: you can’t buy them. The company is instead targeting a small group of 200,000 creators who already make AR effects in Snapchat to experiment with creating experiences for the new Spectacles. Snap has a form on its website for interested creators to request a pair.

The 4th generation spectacles are equipped with two cameras, four microphones, two stereo speakers, and touchpad controls. Its dual 3D waveguide displays allow the wearer to view and interact with AR elements. CEO Evan Spiegel says that the 4th gen Spectacles can now realistically ground digital objects onto the physical world. The Spectacles understand what’s in their field of view and suggest relevant Lenses based on the wearer’s surroundings. The users can then snap the scene and share the full view with their followers.

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