Virgin Galactic has finally opened ticket sales for its 90-minute suborbital spaceflight to the public. Not yet for the general public though as tickets will cost you $450,000 each, with an initial $150,000 deposit (of which $25,000 is non-refundable). The company aims to sell 1,000 tickets before commercial flights start later this year.

What You're Buying: Launching from Spaceport America in New Mexico, the spaceflights will take place aboard the firm’s passenger rocket plane VSS Unity. Up to 6 passengers will shoot up at around Mach-3 speed to 50 miles above the Earth’s surface, experiencing roughly 4 minutes of weightlessness and a breathtaking view of Earth via the spaceship’s 17 windows. Passengers will have to undergo several days of astronaut training prior to the flight. The ticket also comes with an Under Armour spacesuit and membership in the Future Astronaut community.

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