The winner of Melania Trump’s latest NFT auction is none other than….herself. The former First Lady minted her NFT, called Head of State Collection, on January 11 and put it up for auction, where it sold for 1,816.08 SOL, worth around $170,000 at the time of writing. A month later, a crypto expert known as zachxbt figured out that the auction winner is the same blockchain address as the one that minted the piece - done through somewhat a complex process. Representatives for Melania Trump have not responded to a request for comment or confirmation yet; however, her office has claimed that the transaction was facilitated on behalf of a third-party buyer.

The NFT: Melania Trump’s NFT included her own digital portrait generated by Marc-Antoine Coulon. In the portrait, the former First Lady can be seen wearing a white suit and wide-brim hat she once wore during a visit with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. The hat itself also came with the purchase, so there’s a chance we’ll see her sporting it at Mar-a-Lago this summer.

Marc-Antoine Coulon's portrait of Melania Trump from the Head of State Collection NFT
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