Binance, the crypto exchange titan, has decided to ride the AI wave with its new brainy tool, Binance Sensei.

  • Fueled by OpenAI's famous ChatGPT, this AI-driven chatbot is integrated into Binance Academy, the Web3 education platform that's all about crypto and blockchain.

Zoom In: Binance Sensei has done its homework, having been trained on more than 1,000 articles and courses from Binance Academy. But don't expect it to spill the beans on investment secrets—it's here to answer user questions on a variety of topics, using content from Binance Academy and publicly available third-party information.

  • For each user query, this AI whiz conjures up a snappy 150-word summary.

Zoom Out: The mission of Binance Academy is to educate users about the crypto- and blockchain universe, offering a treasure trove of free resources and articles. Given ChatGPT's skyrocketing popularity, it's no wonder Binance wants in on the action. And they're in good company, with other crypto exchanges like Bybit and OKX also welcoming AI-powered tools into their platforms.

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