Taking a bold step in the world of AI-generated music, artist Grimes has offered to split royalties 50/50 on any popular tunes created using her voice.

  • The artist, also known as Claire Elise Boucher, took to Twitter to encourage fans to experiment, stating they could "feel free to use my voice without penalty."
  • Grimes stated that she has "no label and no legal bindings" and is interested in being a "guinea pig" to see the results.

Previously On AI-Generated Music: This offer comes on the heels of Universal Music Group, a major record label, asking streaming platforms to block AI-generated music using its copyrighted melodies and lyrics.

  • Universal led an online takedown of the AI-generated song "Heart on My Sleeve," featuring deepfaked voices of Drake and The Weeknd, resulting in copyright claims and removals from YouTube and other platforms.
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