Tesla displayed two prototypes of its Optimus humanoid robot at its AI Day on Friday. The robot will be powered by the same AI technology as Tesla’s self-driving systems. CEO Elon Musk said that the robot would be produced for less than $20,000 but did not give a specific production schedule.

  • The first prototype, Bumble C, was developed in February 2022 with “semi-off-the-shelves” actuators and served as a testing bed. The robot walked on stage during the event and waved to the crowd. Tesla displayed pre-recorded demos of the robot performing duties such as shifting boxes, picking up a can, and working at an actual workstation at the Fremont factory.
  • The second prototype, while unable to walk on its own, resembled the ultimate version that Tesla anticipates will go into production, a.k.a. the first generation Optimus robot. According to Musk, this model uses actuators, power electronics, and a 2.3 kWh battery pack from Tesla and can run for nearly a day on a single charge.

Zoom Out: On a consumer level, Musk said that while we've seen many impressive humanoid robots previously, Tesla's endeavor is different since it's focused on producing a robot that can be mass-produced, unlike previous one-off ventures. During the Q&A, Musk predicted that the robot would be available for orders "within three years" and "probably not more than five years" later.

Here's the livestream from the whole event:

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