EV Startup Fisker has announced plans to develop the first all-electric popemobile for Pope Francis following his advocacy for action on climate change. The design, approved by Francis in a private meeting, is a modified version of the upcoming Fisker Ocean SUV. The mockup of the popemobile shows an all-glass cupola and what appears to be a solar panel on top of the cupola. The company plans to deliver the vehicle to the Vatican in 2022.

The popemobile is the name given to custom-built vehicles (with bulletproof glass) used to transport the Pope at public appearances. The vehicles are designed to protect the pontiff while allowing him to be seen by crowds clearly. Pope Francis currently does not use a popemobile, breaking tradition. In most situations, he uses a conventional vehicle. Before Francis nixed the idea of using one, Mercedes-Benz had been the sole manufacturer of popemobiles since 1930.

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