Inspired by a similar practice in Russia, Turkish farmer Izzet Koçak put on virtual reality (VR) headsets on his cows to boost milk yields by transporting them to virtual evergreen pastures, and it worked! Koçak has been running a cattle business in the Aksaray province in Central Turkey since 2018 and has previously tried increasing milk yields from his 180 cows by playing classical music, a common practice applied by some breeders to provide a calm atmosphere. Due to rising hay prices, Koçak has turned to alternative ways to boost yields, and aware of the studies on environmental factors affecting milk production, he decided to give VR a shot.

The Results: After observing the cows for ten days, the results have so far been remarkable, with both the quality and amount of milk increased. According to Koçak, the average milk produced from two cows with headsets reached 27 liters daily, compared to an average of 22 liters before. “They are watching a green pasture, and it gives them an emotional boost. They are less stressed now,” he said. He has ordered 10 more headsets to try on more cows.

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