A UK-based startup called Invisibility Shield Co is looking to bring an 'Invisibility Shield' to market by launching a campaign on Kickstarter, where it has generated over $357,501 so far from its initial goal of $6,500.

  • For just $390, you can get your very own full-size invisibility shield, which measures 950mm by 650mm (or just over 3ft by 2ft). You can also get a smaller version for about $64 to hide everyday items.

How It Works: The shield doesn’t require any power to operate and instead uses a pretty neat optical phenomenon called lenticular lensing. A lenticular lens is an array of thin, cylinder-shaped lenses arranged parallel on a surface. The concept isn’t new, and in fact, you might have seen the science at work in tilt cards which change the picture depending on the angle. In the case of the invisibility shield, the lenses are vertically oriented, so they reflect light on a horizon direction so strongly that the subject hiding behind the shield seems to disappear.

Shut up and take my money: You can find their Kickstarter page here, or if you're up to the challenge, build one yourself with this walkthrough on Instructables.

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