In the latest of the NFT craze, an NFT of a free clipart rock dubbed EtherRock #42 was sold for over 400 ETH (about $1.3 million). The cartoon rock is a piece in a four-year-old NFT project called EtherRock, comprised of 100 images of the same cartoon rock, each tinted a slightly different color and attached to 100 NFTs. The collection’s pseudonymous developer disclosed that the rock image was taken from the online clipart database EtherRock #42 is a reddish-brown iteration of the same clipart rock.

Three weeks ago, The EtherRock collection suddenly went viral, sending prices skyrocketing. The seller of EtherRock #42, Tom Osman, revealed that he purchased the NFT for just 1.7 ETH (worth about $4,800 on August 4), calling it the best investment of his life so far. He declined to share the buyer’s identity, but transaction records show that the buyer paid 4,200 ETH ($.76 million at the time) for a CryptoPunk NFT in March.

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