Electronic musician Deadmau5 is building a virtual concert world. Called Oberhasli, the virtual world will be launched on Core, a free game-creation platform developed by Manticore Games and powered by the Unreal game engine. Oberhasli will be an interactive and social space where fans can listen to music, play games, and experience content designed by Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman.

Zoom In: Oberhasli, as Digital Trends describes it, will be a “more in-depth version” of Fortnite’s live music concerts. Unlike Fortnite’s one-and-done concerts, the space will constantly be evolving with new updates. Deadmau5 described it as “a mainstay for the artists’ metaverse, regularly updating it over time, switching things up and keeping it cohesive with real-world news and ancillary events.”

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