Katy Perry and Alesso’s music video for their new single “When I’m Gone,” premiered on January 11th, features cameos from SpaceX’s Starship rockets and Boston Dynamic’s robodog. While the whole sports a futuristic theme, the scene in question has Katy Perry speaking on a payphone with someone and then walking away towards a row of what looks like Starship rockets with a Boston Dynamics robodog in tow.

While neither Katy Perry nor SpaceX has officially confirmed whether the scaled-down rocket ships were actually modeled on the Starship, they certainly look like them. That wouldn’t come as a surprise as Katy Perry has a friendly relationship with SpaceX and Elon Musk and has performed before a SpaceX launch in the past. The robodog featured in the video also looks exactly like SpaceX’s actual robodog “Zeus,” which patrols its Texas launch facility.

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