US-based film studio Miramax is suing film director Quentin Tarantino over his plans to release seven non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on his 1994 movie Pulp Fiction. At the NFT NYC conference, Tarantino announced that he would release seven unreleased scenes from an earlier script of the cult classic, as well as artwork and commentary from Tarantino himself, as NFTs on the Secret Network (SCRT). After the announcement, Miramax sent a cease-and-desist letter to the director, alleging that the move constitutes copyright infringement.

Miramax's Argument: Miramax claims that the studio still has rights to the movie, that Tarantino failed to inform them of his plan, and that the release of the “Tarantino NFT Collection” conflicts with the studio’s own intention to launch its own Pulp Fiction NFTs.

Tarantino's Argument: Tarantino’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, disagrees, claiming that the director retained the rights to publish the screenplay and the NFT sale is within that right. A copy of Tarantino’s contract with Miramax shows that that the director kept some rights to the film, including “soundtrack album, music publishing, live performance, print publication (including, without limitation, screenplay publication, ‘making of’ books, comic books, and novelization, in audio and electronic formats as well, as applicable), interactive media, theatrical and television sequel and remake rights, and television series and spinoff rights.” Tarantino currently plans to continue the NFT launch.

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